Oxford-Mount Sinai Consortium on Bioethics, 2008

Event date: 9-11 April 2008

Speakers: Professor Jonathan Glover; Professor Tony Hope;  Professor Mike Parker; Professor Jonathan Wolff

Venue: Oriel College, Oxford

Abstract: Each year, medical practictioners and bioethicists from Oxford, New York, Kings College London, Bar Ilan University (Israel), and the University of Maastricht, meet to discuss and present work in progress on a broad range of topics in bioethics. At this year's consortium, hosted jointly in Oxford by the Ethox Centre and the Program on the Ethics of the New Biosciences, there was a focus on issues in bioethics in the 21st Century. Participants included Professor Jonathan Glover, Professor Tony Hope, Professor Mike Parker and Professor Jonathan Wolff. Jonathan Wolff gave the plenary lecture on 'How should we measure health, and what difference does it make?'. Other subjects covered in relation to bioethics at the consortium included children, the psychiatric patient's perspective, consent processes and quarantine. The consortium was hosted by Dr Richard Tur at Oriel College.

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