Special Lecture - Dr Paula Casal

Date: Monday, 15 February, 17:30-19:00 + dinner after
Venue:  James Martin 21st Century School, Old Indian Institute, Broad Street
Speaker: Dr Paula Casal (University of Reading)
Title: “Apethics: Moral Reflections on the Great Apes”

Abstract: Recent scientific findings have caused a large increase in the number of people who believe that the great apes should have certain rights. This is an important and desirable development in the animal movement and in applied ethics. It does not, however, exhaust the connection between primatology and moral philosophy. Primatological data has also been employed to discuss personhood, full moral-standing, and the concept of agency. The talk discusses some less explored implications including the distinction between natural and social inequality, theories of crime and punishment, and new error theories, in the light of data regarding great apes’ abilities, politics and proto-moral behaviour.

Booking:   No booking required for the lecture, but if you would like to attend the dinner afterwards please email nicholas.iles@philosophy.ox.ac.uk.


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