St Cross Special Ethics Seminar: Matthew Hussey

'The behavioural traits of the different sexes in dating and relationships and the key differences – thoughts on the ethics of dating'

Date: Thursday, 20 May, 5.30 - 7.00 pm
Venue: St Cross Room, St Cross College, Oxford
Abstract: How different are the sexes when it comes to dating and relationships? To what extent do these differences challenge or attract us to one another? How can we use these differences to our advantage? Drawing on his experiences in coaching over 4,000 clients across the world in dating and relationships, Matthew Hussey will reveal the most obvious contrasts he has discovered along the way. He will delve into the three major stages of dating and relationships: The search, attraction, and commitment. This entertaining and enlightening talk will shed light on some of the more controversial issues we face when attracting the opposite sex and forming relationships, and boldly approach the ethics of individuals as they navigate their way through their love lives. What is right and wrong behaviour in a relationship? Do men and women have different ethics, and are these the major cause of failed relationships? In an attempt to arrive at the answers to these questions, Matthew will talk about the advice he gives his own clients, using them as real life case studies in showing people how behavioural changes can completely alter the results we get in our love lives.
Further details: Matthew has established himself as a prominent speaker and coach, teaching his techniques to large corporates and company executives. He has now built a team of coaches under his brand MH Coaching, and in 2008 started a company specifically teaching women how to achieve lasting success in their love lives, called GettheGuy. His seminars quickly gained media recognition, appearing on GMTV's Lorraine Kelly show, CNN, channel 4, and NBC's 'The Today Show' for America, and national radio. Clients now travel from all over the world to hear him speak.

Listen to Hussey's talk [01:22:46 | MP3]

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