St Cross Special Ethics Seminar: Professor Roger Trigg

Date: Thursday, 9 June 2011 5.30

Venue: St Cross Room, St Cross College, Oxford

Speaker:  Professor Roger Trigg

Title:  Human Rights Versus Religion?

Abstract: If human rights are seen as an important element in ethics, two opposed historical currents affect modern judgments. The first, stemming from seventeenth century England and eighteenth century America sees rights as having a religious base. The second,  associated with the later European Enlightenment sees religion as a threat to social stability , to be contained by the appeal to rights. The opposing insights are the root of much moral controversy. Which is right?

Bio: Professor Roger Trigg is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Warwick, and Senior Research Fellow in the Ian Ramsey Centre, Oxford, and co-director of a major interdisciplinary project in Oxford on the cognitive science of religion. He is also Academic Director of the new Centre for Religion in Public Life in the University of Oxford (based in Kellogg College).  Professor Trigg has a particular interest in the relationship between science and religion, and is joint editor of the Ashgate series of monographs in the subject, and is a Member of the International Society for Science and Religion. He is also editor with Professor Wentzel van Huyssteen (of Princeton) of the new international Ashgate Series of monographs on Science and Religion.

Further details: This talk will be followed by a drinks reception and a dinner, and is open to all. However, those wishing to attend either the talk or dinner must email

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