International Advisory Board

Professor Derek Parfit, Senior Research Fellow at All Souls College and Professor at Harvard University. Parfit is widely considered one of the world’s greatest living moral philosophers. He is author of the classic Reasons and Persons.

Professor David Chalmers, Director of The Centre for Consciousness, Australian National University. Chalmers is one of the world’s pre-eminent philosophers of mind and author of the landmark The Problem of Consciousness.

Professor Sue Iversen, Pro-Vice Chancellor (planning), Oxford University. Iversen was formerly Director of Research in Behavioural Pharmacology at Merck Pharmaceuticals and Head of Experimental Psychology at Oxford.

Professor Martin Davies, Wilde Professor in Mental Philosophy, Oxford . Davies is one of the world’s leading philosophers of mind, neuroscience and psychology.

Professor Tony Hope, Professor of Medical Ethics, University of Oxford , Fellow of St Cross, and an Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist . Hope is founding member of ETHOX and is one of the UK’s leading medical ethicists.

Professor Jeff McMahan, Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University . McMahan is one of the world’s top practical ethicists and author of the landmark The Ethics of Killing (OUP).

Professor John Harris, Professor of Bioethics Manchester University and Research Director in the Institute of Science, Ethics and Innovation. Harris is an international authority in bioethics and author of Enhancing Evolution : The Ethical Case for Making Better People (PUP).

Professor Ray Fitzpatrick, Professor of Public Health and Primary Care at Nuffield College, Oxford. Professor Fitzpatrick is chair of a NHS R&D Academic Unit in Oxford and is a recognised world leader in the social science of medicine and the measurement of health status, quality of life, and outcomes in individuals with neurological conditions.

The Centre also uses the James Martin 21st Century School Advisory Board for advice and direction.  That Board includes Professor Martin Rees, Amartya Sen (Nobel Laureate), Sir Nicholas Stern, Professor Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel Laureate), Sir Crispin Tickell and Professor Craig Venter.