Media 2009


Dr Anders Sandberg was interviewed by Yojana Sharma of the South China Morning Post on cognition enhancing drugs


Julian Savulescu, Aubrey de Grey (SENS, Cambridge) and Nick Bostrom wrote an ABC Unleashed Opinion Piece on ‘The War Against Ageing’


Professor Bill Fulford organized two Workshops on ‘Values-based education and training’ with Ian McGonagle for the National Workforce programme conference on ‘Moving On: From New Ways of Working to a Creative, Capable Workforce’

Professor Julian Savulescu spoke on ‘The Moral Imperative to Enhance Human Beings,’ Royal Institution Friday Evening Discourse, London


Dr Anders Sandberg was interviewed by Brandon Keim for Wired on memory editing: ‘The Messy Future of Memory-Editing Drugs’,  


Professor Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Professor Julian Savulescu gave talks at a dinner event for local business leaders, St Cross College, Oxford, on ‘Neurolaw’.

Professor Walter Sinnott-Armstrong was a panel member after a radio play ‘Interior Traces,’ Birkbeck Cinema, London


Professor Janet Radcliffe-Richards led the BBC Radio 4 programme Analysis: Thought Experiments, and among others interviewed Dr Nick Shea

Professor Julian Savulescu appeared on 'Fitter, Faster, Future", True Tube (educational videos online) videocast on drugs in sport


Julian Savulescu appeared on 'I want to be a Superhero,’ True Tube (educational videos online) videocast on human enhancement


Melbourne Writer's Festival, talk by Dr Neil Levy: ‘Free Will and the Brain’

Dr Neil Levy was interviewed by The Australian on ‘Enhanced Brains say Know to Drugs’  

Professor Julian Savulescu and Dr Wilkinson interviewed by The Wellcome Trust on ‘Caution urged over fMRI for life or death decisions,’


Professor Barbara Sahakian holds an International Distinguished Scholar’s award from the University of Pennsylvania and gave the first public talk in the ‘Neuroscience and Society Lecture Series’: ‘Cognitive Enhancing Drugs: Neuroscience and Society’

Professor Walter Sinnott-Armstrong was interviewed about Morality Without God? with Dianne Robinson and Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State in D.C., a on call in radio show on Roots Up Radio and

Professor Julian Savulescu took part in a Panel Discussion, ‘Beyond the Financial Crisis – Systemic Shocks in the 21st Century’, Oxford Analytica International Conference, Oxford

Professor Julian Savulescu took part in a Panel Discussion, ‘Intelligence Squared Debate : The World in 2050’, Royal Geographical Society, London


Julian Savulescu gave a talk on ‘Unfit for Life: Genetically Enhance Humanity or Face Extinction’ presented at Sydney Festival of Dangerous Ideas, He also appeared on an ‘Insight’ T.V. programme, ‘In Your Genes,’ discussing genetic testing, Australia, and participated in a live-radio broadcast discussing ethical issues of vaccination (swine flu specifically), ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp.)

Julian Savulescu also spoke on ‘Bioliberation or Biothreat,’ McKinsey & Co. Directors Conference, Munich, and led debate : ‘Medical Technologies : Enhanced Lives and Evolved Businesses, what are we to believe?’

President’s Lecture (Lord Rees) of the Royal Society (London), given by Professor Barbara Sahakian: ‘Neuroethical Issues of Cognitive Enhancing Drug-Use’


Walter Sinnott-Armstrong gave a talk on neurolaw to judges in a National Judicial College educational event in Chicago

Barbro Fröding was invited to give a talk at Wotton's Philosophy Society, Eton College on ‘Aristotelian virtue ethics and human enhancement’

Julian Savulescu was interviewed for Oxford Today, University magazine (Michaelmas issue 2009), in article ‘Woe, Superman’

Julian Savulescu was a guest on ‘The Forum’, BBC World Service radio programme featuring leading thinkers from disparate fields.


In 2009, Professor Barbara Sahakian was quoted in an Independent article entitled ‘Are smart drugs really that clever?‘, and was interviewed for Channel 4 News: The Home Office asks the government's advisory body on drugs to look at the use of 'cognitive enhancers'. She has appeared on BBC Radio 4's ‘Start the Week’ and in a Sunday Times article ‘It's a no brainer - bring on the pills that will make us smarter’

In 2009 Professors Nick Bostrom, Julian Savulescu and Roger Crisp and Alexandre Erler were interviewed about human enhancement ethics for Oxford Today, a magazine for University of Oxford alumni

Dr Hanna Pickard was made a member of the OBMH Clinical Ethics Advisory Group