Media 2011


Savulescu, J. (2011), Interviewed by Nigel Warburton for upcoming ‘Bio-Bites’ series of  10 interviews in which leading thinkers on bioethics tackle controversial subjects arising out of recent scientific advances.  To be broadcast via several internet websites. (18 January )

Foddy, B. (2011), Interview on BBC World News ‘GMT with George Alagiah’ programme (26 January)


Savulescu, J. (2011), Interviewed on 2UE News Talk morning programme, on the widely-followed Sydney Talk Radio in response to Sunday Herald Sun article below.  (14 February)

Savulescu, J. (2011), Interviewed on ‘The Steve Price Breakfast Program’, on the popular Melbourne Talk Radio network, in response to Sunday Herald Sun article. (14 February)

Savulescu, J. (2011), A leading Australian ethicist has advocated genetically screening embryos to create a smarter society of superior "designer babies" with higher IQs. Sunday Herald Sun (13 February)

Savulescu, J. (2011), Invited article in the Guardian in response to ‘How should the state regulate reproductive technologies?’.  Part of the Guardian’s ‘The Question’ series. (7 February)

Sandberg, A. (2011), Recording of documentary/portrait film by Dutch Film & Television Academy (22 January-11 February)

Sandberg, A. (2011), Phone interview with Charlie Burton for Wired, on Moore's law (15 February)

Sandberg, A. (2011), Radio interview on BBC Ulster Sunday Sequence, on designer babies (20 February)


Sandberg, A. (2011), Radio interview for CBC, Canada on brain emulation (24 March) 

Sandberg, A. (2011), Radio interview for Radio Cambridgshire on cognitive enhancement (20 March )

Sandberg, A. (2011), Email interview with Lotten Wiklund for Dagens Psykologi, on deep brain stimulation and mind control (13 March)

Sandberg, A. (2011), Email interview with Sandra Briggs on cell phones and future evolution (1 March)

Sandberg, A. (2011), Interview with Mark Gimein for Fast Company (1 March)


Douglas, T. (2011), 'Racist? Angry? The answer may be in a pill',Sydney Morning Herald (7 April )

Douglas, T. (2011), 'Manipulating Morals: Scientists Target Drugs That Improve Behaviour',The Guardian (UK Newspaper) (4 April)

Douglas, T., (2011), 'The Ethics of Morality Altering Drugs'. Radio Interview, CBC Radio (Canada) (21 April)


Savulescu, J. (2011), 'The Moral Maze',BBC Radio 4 (31 May)

Savulescu, J. (2011), Interviewed on ‘The Current’, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) current affairs programme, discussing the ethics of plastic surgery for teens and children. (18 May)

Savulescu, J. (2011). Moral Enhancement. Audio interview by Nigel Warburton (May)

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Clarke, S. (2011), 'Conspiracy theories still surround Kelly death', cited in Oxford Mail article (30 May)   


Savulescu, J., (2011). Podcast interview discussing ‘designer babies’ to launch Bio-Ethics Bites, a new series of 10 interviews with leading influential figures tackling controversial subjects arising out of recent scientific advances. (1 June)

Sandberg, A. (2011), Participated in online chat about the film documentary 'Transhuman' (30 June)

Sandberg, A. (2011), BBC documentary on memory editing aired (29 June)

Sandberg, A. (2011), Premiere of Dutch documentary 'Transhuman', De La Mar Theatre Amsterdam (26 June)  


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Savulescu, J., (2011), 'The Case for Perfection'. Adelaide Festival of Ideas, Adelaide (8 October)


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