Bio-ethics Bites Podcasts Onora O'Neill on Trust

Trust is vital in most areas of human interaction but nowhere more so than in health and medicine. In this podcast, Onara O'Neill discusses issues around 'Trust'

Radically new techniques are opening up exciting possibilities for those working in health care for psychiatrists, doctors, surgeons: the option to clone human beings, to give just one example. Who should determine what is allowed and what prohibited? And what sort of consent should doctors have to have from patients before treatment. Is the trend towards consent forms helpful? Or should we trust doctors to make good decisions for us. Baroness Onora Sylvia O'Neill is a philosopher at the University of Cambridge and a crossbench member of the House of Lords.  She studied philosophy, psychology and physiology at Oxford University, and went on to complete a doctorate at Harvard, with John Rawls as supervisor.

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