Our Members

Below is a list of Members of The Oxford Centre for Neuroethics. Click on their name on the right to read about their role, research interests, publications and links to their other sites.

Principal Investigator and Co-Investigators [link]


Dr Guy Kahane (Deputy Director, Administration) 

Dr Steve Clarke

Dr Tom Douglas

Dr Nadira Faulmüller

Dr. Hannah Maslen

Dr Hanna Pickard  

Dr Nicholas Shackel

Mr Brian Earp

Professor Loane Skene

Professor Janet Radcliffe-Richards 

Dr Regina Rini

Dr Anders Sandberg

Dr Katja Wiech

Dr Dominic Wilkinson

Dr Joshua Shepherd

Dr Andreas Kappes



Matthew Baum

Sylvia Terbeck

Paul Troop


Distinguished Research Associates

Professor Paul van Lange


 Research Associates

Dr Alexandre Erler 

Dr Barbro Fröding 

Olga Wudarczyk


Past Visitors

Professor Enrique Bonete-Perales, University of Salamanca

Professor José Luis Triviño, Universidad Pompeu-Fabra, Barcelona

Roman Gaehwiler, University of Zurich

Bridget Williams, Monash University

Daniel Hall- Flavin, Mayo Clinic, Rochester