Alexandre Erler

Alexandre Erler

Role or Position

Alexandre Erler is a D.Phil. student at Lincoln College, University of Oxford and the DPhil in 2013. In September 2013 he will be taking up a postdoctoral fellowship at the CREUM, University of Montreal.

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Academic Background

After study at the University of Neuchatel, Alex did further study at UEA, Norwich, before completing the B.Phil. in Oxford, 2008.

Research Interests

His doctoral thesis focuses on the concept of authenticity and its ethical implications for our projects of self-transformation and self-creation, including those involving the use of cognitive enhancers, mood brighteners, and other enhancement technologies. His thesis was supervised by Professors Roger Crisp, Julian Savulescu, and Dr Guy Kahane. Alex's other interests include population ethics, moral psychology, and various other topics in moral and political philosophy.

Publications include

  1. “Authenticity”. Forthcoming in the 4th edition of the Encyclopedia of Bioethics (Editor in Chief: Bruce Jennings).
  2. “Mental Disorder and the Concept of Authenticity” (with Tony Hope). Forthcoming in Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology.
  3. “The Concise Argument”: invited editorial focused on Ilina Singh’s article “Not Robots: Children’s Perspectives on Authenticity, Moral Agency and Stimulant Drug Treatments” in the Journal of Medical Ethics 39 (2013), 357-8.
  4. “One Man’s Authenticity Is Another Man’s Betrayal: a Reply to Levy”. Journal of Applied Philosophy 29:3 (2012), 257-65.
  5. “Does Memory Modification Threaten our Authenticity?” Neuroethics 4 (2011), 235-49. online first 
  6. “Dickie’s Institutional Theory and the ‘Openness’ of the Concept of Art”, Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics Vol.3, No.3, December 2006 (available online at 


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