Anders Sandberg

Anders Sandberg

Role or Position

Anders Sandberg is James Martin Research Fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute, Faculty of Philosophy and Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford.  He also holds an AXA Research Fellowship.

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Academic Background

After studying for a Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience at Stockholm University and research as part of the EU funded ENHANCE project, Anders became a Research Fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute.

Research Interests

Anders has worked on the ethics and social impact of cognitive enhancement and other neurotechnologies, global catastrophic risks and emerging technologies. He is active in public engagement with science, having produced a neuroscience exhibition 2005-2006 and participated in numerous public talks, discussions and interviews about neuroethics.

Further Researcher in: Cognitive Enhancement.

Publications include

1.   Ord, T., Hillerbrand, R., Sandberg, A. (2010), 'Probing the Improbable: Methodological Challenges for Risks with Low Probabilities and High Stakes,' Journal of Risk Research, 13 (2), 191-205.

2.   Liao, S.M., Sandberg, A. (2008), 'The Normativity of Memory Modification,'Neuroethics, 1 2) 85-99.

3.   Sandberg,A., Savulescu, J. (2008), 'Neuroenhancement of Love and Marriage: The Chemicals Between Us,' Neuroethics, 1 (1) 31-44.

4.   Sandberg, A., Ravelingien, A. (2008), 'Sleep Better Than Medicine? Ethical and Philosophical Issues Related to 'Wake Enhancement,' Journal of Medical Ethics, 34: e9.

5.   Sandberg, A., Bostrom, N. (2006), 'Converging Cognitive Enhancements,' Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1093: 201227 (Special issue, Progress in Convergence:

Technologies for Human Wellbeing, Bainbridge, W.S. and Roco, M.C. eds.).


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