Brian Earp

Brian Earp

Role or Position

Brian Earp is a Research Associate with the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics and a Consultant working with the Institute for Science and Ethics at Oxford's Martin School.  

Academic Background

Brian completed his MSc. in experimental psychology as a Henry Fellow of New College, Oxford; and received his undergraduate degree from Yale, where he studied cognitive science and philosophy and was elected President of the Yale Philosophy Society.

Research Interests

Serving as Editor-in-Chief of both the international Yale Philosophy Review and the Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology, Brian also conducted extensive experimental research in a number of areas, generally touching on unconscious or automatic mental processes.

Publications include

With Professor Julian Savulescu, Brian is authoring a book on the neuroenhancement of love and marriage, to be completed this year.  Brian's research outputs can be found here

Open access paper:  Earp, B., Sandberg, A. and Savulescu, J., (2012), 'Natural Selection, Childrearing, and the Ethics of Marriage (and Divorce): Building a Case for the Neuroenhancement of Human Relationships', Philosophy & Technology, Vol: 25(4): 561-587.  | 


Brian's academic page is here:

Brian is also a professional actor and singer, whose performance reel can be seen here