Neil Levy

Neil Levy

Role or Position

Neil Levy is Deputy Director (Research) of the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics, and Head of Neuroethics at the Florey Neuroscience Institutes, University of Melbourne.

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Academic Background

Having been awarded Ph.Ds from Monash University in Continental and Analytic Philosophy, Professor Levy worked as a Principal Research Fellow for CAPPE (Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, University of Melbourne, then as a James Martin Research Fellow for the Oxford-based Programme on the Ethics of the New Biosciences.

Research Interests

Neil Levy’s work ranges across the entire spectrum of neuroethics – unsurprisingly, since he has written a monograph on the topic (Neuroethics, Cambridge University Press 2007).  He has a special interest in the science of moral decision-making and in topics in free will and moral responsibility. He is currently engaged in empirical research testing the claim that some ethical intuitions are the product of heuristics triggered by irrelevant factors. Levy also has a background in continental philosophy and conducts research on the phenomenology of consciousness. He is the author of many papers on conceptual issues in free will and moral responsibility, as well as of papers on the psychological mechanisms involved in self-control and in addiction. He also works on issues in the scientific study of consciousness.  Neil Levy is editor in chief for the journal Neuroethics  (Springer Publishing), and has published extensively in all 4 key areas. He organised Consciousness in the Vegetative State: Philosophical and Methodological Issues’(March 2008), a major conference that brought together leading neuroscientists, philosophers and ethicists to debate borderline states of consciousness. 

Research Leader in: Borderline Consciouusness and Severe Neurological Impairment; Addiction, Free Will and Moral Responsibility; Neuroscience of Morality and Decision-Making

Publications include

1.   Levy, N. (2007), Neuroethics: Challenges for the 21st Century, Cambridge University Press.

2.   Levy, N. (2011), Hard Luck: How Luck Undermines Freedom, Oxford University Press.

3.   Levy, N. (2008), 'Counterfactual Intervention and Agents' Capacities,' Journal of Philosophy, 105, 223-239.

4.   Levy, N. (forthcoming), 'Resisting Weakness of the Will,' Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

5.   Levy, N. (2007), 'Rethinking Neuroethics in the Light of Radical Externalism,'  American Journal of Bioethics (AJOB-Neuroscience), 7, 3-11.