Nicholas Shackel

Nick Shackel

Role or Position

Nicholas Shackel is a Lecturer in the Cardiff School of English, Communication& Philosophy, Cardiff University.

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Academic Background

Nicholas Shackel completed a the University of Nottingham, giving a Humean answer to the question of why we ought to be rational. He has lectured at the Universities of Nottingham, Warwick and Aberdeen and immediately prior to taking up his lectureship at Cardiff was a research fellow in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Oxford.

Research Interests

Dr Shackel's research interests include the normativity of rationality, the ethics of belief, formal theories of rationality and paradox. He is involved in interdisciplinary research into the neuroscience of normative judgement, and with colleagues at the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics has been conducting experiments on the neuroscience of moral judgement.

Further Researcher in: Neuroscience of Morality and Decision-Making. 

Publications include

1.   Shackel, N. (forthcoming), ‘Methodological issues in the scientific study of moral judgement,’ Mind and Language.

2.   Shackel, N. (forthcoming), ‘Pragmatism and sophism,’ Logique et Analyse.

3.   Shackel, N., Wiech, K., Farias, M., Kahane, G., Wiebke, T., Tracey, I. (2008), ‘An fMRI study measuring analgesia enhanced by religion as a belief system,’ Pain, 139 (2): 467-476. Online Version here.

4.   Shackel, N. (2008), ‘Coherentism and the symmetry of epistemic support.’ Analysis, 68 (3): 226-234. 

5.   Shackel, N., Kahane, G. (2008), ‘Do abnormal responses show utilitarian bias?’ Nature, 452 (7185): E5-E5.  Online Version here.



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