Olga Wudarczyk

Role or PositionOlga Wudarczyk

Research Associate

Academic Background

Olga Wudarczyk is a Research Associate in the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics, University of Oxford.

With degrees from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Oxford (with additional training at the University of New South Wales in Australia), Olga's research experience has centered on neuro-plasticity and cognitive enhancement. Olga was the first to demonstrate enhanced working memory for colours in individuals with grapheme-colour synaesthesia, and has used brain-stimulation techniques to assist in the investigations of Dr. Roi Cohen Kadosh (University of Oxford) on enhancement of cognitive functions. Olga's research has also explored the enhancing effects of low-level stress on frontal lobe function. Olga has a broad clinical experience and is currently working as an Assistant Psychologist at Diada Psychology and Psychotheraphy in Warsaw, Poland.

Research Interests

Olga's interests center on brain plasticity and cognitive enhancement. Within the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics, she will be extending her research in these topics to the neuro-enhancement of human relationships. Her main objective is assist Professor Julian Savulescu on a project dealing with the chemical enhancement of love and commitment in married couples.