G. Owen Schaefer

Owen SchaeferRole or position

Owen Schaefer is a postdoctoral researcher at the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics.

Academic Background

He recently received his DPhil in Philosophy from Oxford University. 

Research Interests

His main academic interests lie in applied ethics, broadly construed. He has previously written on the obligation to participate in research, the nature of the right to withdraw, embryonic stem cell research, in vitro meat and (for his dissertation) moral enhancement.  On-going research topics include analysing modes of moral enhancement, developing a framework for procedural moral reliability, addressing when to disclose incidental findings in research and analysing the permissibility of imprisonment in light of prohibitions against torture.


Schaefer, G. O. and Savulescu, J., (2014), 'The Ethics of Producing In Vitro Meat', Journal of Applied Philosophy, Vol: 31(2): 188-202. [open access]

Schaefer, G. O., Savulescu, J. and Kahane, G., (2014), 'Autonomy and Enhancement', Neuroethics, Vol: 7(2): 123-136. [open access]