Sylvia Terbeck

Sylvia Terbeck

Role or Position

Sylvia Terbeck is a D.Phil. student at New College, University of Oxford.

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Academic Background

Sylvia came to Oxford in 2009 after undergraduate study at Kiel University, Germany and Vienna University, Austria.

Research Interests

Her thesis is entitled "Moral decision making: Social Psychology and Emotion," and she aims to investigate the role of prejudice, empathy, attribution, and more generally “emotions” in moral decision making, using behavioural experimental approaches, as well as physiological measures. The overarching aim is to show the involvement of emotions as important but not sufficient, taking a more cognitive approach.

Publications include

1. Terbeck, S., et al. (in preparation), 'Moral Decision Making: an integrated approach'

2. Terbeck, S., Chesterman, P. (under minor revision), 'Parents, ADHD, and the internet,' Journal of ADHD and related Disorders

3. Terbeck, S. (2010), 'Flucht vor der ZVS, (in press), 'Report Psychology; German psychological Association

4. Terbeck, S., Chesterman, P., Leodolter, U., Fischmeister, F., Bauer, H. (2008), 'Attribution and Social Cognitive Neuroscience: A new approach for the “online- assessment of causality ascriptions and their emotional consequences,' Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 173 (1): 13-19

5. Chesterman, P., Terbeck, S., Vaughan, F. (2008), 'Malingered Psychosis,' Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, 19 (3): 275-300