Applied Neuroethics

Principal Researchers:  Prof. J. Savulescu, Prof. B. Sahakian, Prof. B. Fulford.

Further Researchers:  Prof A. Buchan, Dr H. Madder, Dr A. Aimola Davies, Prof. I. Tracey, Dr K. Wiech, Prof. N. Levy.

In addition to the above primary research, the Centre will conduct applied research in other areas in light of input from practicing clinicians and scientists. We shall:

(1) analyse technological advances as they occur;

(2) respond to ethical issues arising from basic and clinical neuroscience. We have already identified 3 topics arising from current research and practice:

(i) using fMRI for selection of brain-damaged patients for treatment and rehabilitation ;

(ii) obtaining consent in unconscious patients for thrombolysis in stroke and investigating pain;

(iii) distributive justice issues related to: (a) long term management of severe neurological impairment including home ventilation and (b) investment of limited resources in expensive new technology for patients with uncertain prognosis.