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Ethics for the Future of Life: Proceedings of the 2012 Uehiro-Carnegie-Oxford Ethics Conference

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Recent advances in the life sciences have posed profound and unsettling ethical questions. We now have an unprecedented understanding of the nature of life on this planet. This has brought us new powers. These powers will change us; our lives going forward will be different than ever before. We now have the technology to regenerate existing life forms, and even to generate new life forms. The science of stem cells, cloning, genetic engineering, artificial reproduction and synthetic biology provides powerful tools to change and create new life. What is the value of these new powers and what is its meaning? What does the ability to create and change life mean for human beings, other life forms and the world? How far should we go? Or have we already gone too far? What possibilities and challenges lie ahead for our medicine and health? What roles can justice and religion play in managing the incessant output of cutting-edge research in the life sciences?

This publication is the outcome of the international conference under the theme ‘Life: Its Nature, Value and Meaning – No Turning Back? Ethics for the Future of Life’ held on 17th and 18th of May 2012, sponsored by the Uehiro Foundation on Ethics and Education, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, and Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics.

The world’s leading scholars gathered to discuss the possibility and nature of practical ethics for the future of life, chaired by Professor Tetsuro Shimizu and Professor Julian Savulescu.


1. Karuoko Aita: The family-oriented priority organ donation clause in Japan—Fair or unfair?   pp 1-8.
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2. Akira Akabayashi & Misao Fujita: The Present and Future of Stem Cell Therapy in Japan   pp 9-19
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3. Tom Beauchamp: Common Morality, Human Rights, and Multiculturalism in Japanese and American Bioethics   pp 20-36
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4. Roger Crisp: Future Generations, Sufficiency, and Biotechnology   pp 37-46
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5. Ruth Faden & Madison Powers: Biotechnology, Justice and Health   pp 47-59
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6. Masaki Ichinose: Hybrid Nature of Causation   pp 60-80
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7. Guy Kahane: Designing Children and Respect for the Given   pp 81-88
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8. Satoshi Kodama: Tsunami-tendenko and morality in disaster situations pp 89-96
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9. Masahiro Morioka: Why is It Hard for Us to Accept Moral Bioenhancement? : Comment on Savulescu’s Argument   pp 97-108
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10. Ingmar Persson & Julian Savulescu: The Meaning of Life: Science, Equality and Eternity   pp 109-124
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11. Susumu Shimazono: Risk Assessment of Severe Nuclear Power Plant Accidents and Ethics in Science and Technology   pp 125-133
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12. Tetsuro Shimizu: The Ethics of Unity and Difference   pp 134-143
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13. Tetsuhiko Shinagawa: The Status of the Human Being: Manipulating Subject, Manipulated Object, and Human Dignity   pp 144-154
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14. Shinya Yamanaka: Induction of Pluripotency by Defined Factors   pp 155-158
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