Recording: Professor Peter Singer's Inaugural Ethox-Uehiro Lecture

We were delighted to welcome Professor Peter Singer to St Cross College to deliver the first Ethox-Uehiro Lecture on the value of moral disagreement. An audio recording of the talk is now available here.

“Disagreeing on ethical questions is an important part of philosophical ethics, whether at the level of metaethics, normative theory, or applied ethics. I shall look back over some of the disagreements I have had on ethical questions at each of these levels, and reflect on which kinds of disagreements have been fruitful, and which have not”

Peter Singer


Peter Singer is one of the most influential, but also controversial philosophers of the last century, widely known for his work in the areas of animal ethics (Animal Liberation, 1975, last edition 2023 ), the ethics of charitable giving (The Life You Can Save, 2009 ), and practical ethics more generally (Practical Ethics 1979, last edition 2011). Disagreement has been a constant feature of his career both at the level of theoretical investigation and in his own personal experience.



Tuesday 11 June, 17:00 – 18:15


Disagreeing on Ethical Questions, Fruitfully and Otherwise


The event was inspired by the new Wellcome-funded Antitheses Platform for Transformative Inclusivity in Ethics and Humanities.