Dr Anders Sandberg

Journal Articles

  • Hiroshima’s lesson

    SANDBERG, A, Moynihan, T
  • Defence in Depth Against Human Extinction: Prevention, Response, Resilience, and Why They All Matter

    Cotton-Barratt, O, Daniel, M, Sandberg, A
  • Who Should We Fear More: Biohackers, Disgruntled Postdocs, or Bad Governments? A Simple Risk Chain Model of Biorisk.

    Sandberg, A, Nelson, C
  • Modelling the Social Dynamics of Moral Enhancement: Social Strategies Sold Over-the-Counter and the Stability of Society-ADDENDUM

    Sandberg, A, Fabiano, J
  • Kunstmatige intelligentie en Moloch

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Books and Chapters

  • Morphological freedom: what are the limits to transforming the body?

    Sandberg, A
  • Ethics of Brain Emulations

    Sandberg, A
  • Outrunning the Law: Extraterrestrial Liberty and Universal Colonisation

    Armstrong, S, Sandberg, A, ÓhÉigeartaigh, S
  • Being Nice to Software Animals and Babies

    Sandberg, A
  • Transhumanist Declaration (2012)

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