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Bioconservatism, bioenhancement and backfiring.

Cardiac Surgeons Report Cards, Referral for Cardiac Surgery and the Ethical Responsibilities of Cardiologists

Straight out of Durkheim? Haidt’s Neo-Durkheimian Account of Religion and the Cognitive Science of Religion

Miracles, Scarce Resources, and Fairness.

A Prospect Theory Approach to Understanding Conservatism

Conscientious objection in healthcare, referral and the military analogy.

Conscientious objection in healthcare: new directions.

Conscientious Objection to Vaccination.

Two Concepts of Conscience and their Implications for Conscience-Based Refusal in Healthcare.

The reversal test, status quo bias, and opposition to human cognitive enhancement

Stop Wishing. Start Doing!: Motivational Enhancement Is Already in Use

Position statement on ethics, equipoise and research on charged particle radiation therapy.

Imperialism, progress, developmental teleology, and interdisciplinary unification

When they believe in miracles.

Intuitions as evidence, philosophical expertise and the developmental challenge

The neuroscience of decision making and our standards for assessing competence to consent

Religion as an Evolutionary Byproduct: A Critique of the Standard Model

An ethical and prudential argument for prioritizing the reduction of parasite-stress in the allocation of health care resources.

Introducing Transformative Technologies into Democratic Societies

The Ethics of Geoengineering

The Neuroscience of Decision Making and Our Standards for Assessing Competence to Consent

Transcendental realisms in the philosophy of science: On Bhaskar and Cartwright

Cognitive Bias and the Precautionary Principle: What’s Wrong with the Core Argument in Sunstein’s Laws of Fear and a Way to Fix it

Disclosing clinical trial results: publicity, significance and independence.

The duty to disclose adverse clinical trial results.

Scientific imperialism and the proper relations between the sciences

Bioconservatism, bioliberalism, and the wisdom of reflecting on repugnance.

SIM and the city: Rationalism in psychology and philosophy and Haidt's account of moral judgment

Neuroethics and psychiatry

Paternalism, consent, and the use of experimental drugs in the military

Review of Hauser, 'Moral minds: How nature designed our universal sense of right and wrong'.

Waiting for a miracle... miracles, miraclism, and discrimination.

Against the unification of the behavioral sciences

Conspiracy Theories and the Internet: Controlled Demolition and Arrested Development

The fundamental attribution error and Harman's case against character traits

Public reporting of individual surgeon performance.

Future technologies, dystopic futures and the precautionary principle

Ontological disunity and a realism worth having

Public reporting of individual surgeon performance information: United Kingdom developments and Australian issues.

Informed consent and surgeons' performance.

Luck and miracles

Response to Mumford and another definition of miracles

Informed consent without bureaucracy.

Conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorizing

Defensible territory for entity realism

Informed consent in medicine in comparison with consent in other areas of human activity

Empiricism, capacities and experiments

Justifying deception in social science research

Pluralism unconstrained

The lies remain the same: A reply to chalmers