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Moral evil in practical ethics

Cognitive Bias and Collective Enhancement

On New Technologies

Surgeon Report Cards

New Technologies, Common Sense and the Paradoxical Precautionary Principle

Enhancement am Menschen, Intuitionen und die Weisheit das Nachdenkens über den Widerwillen


Realism, Antirealism

Some Optimism for the Pessimist: a Response to Nola

Informed consent and clinician accountability: The ethics of report cards on surgeon performance

Informed consent and surgeons’ performance

Introduction: Accountability, informed consent and clinician performance information

Surgeons’ report cards, heuristics, biases and informed consent

Coercion, Consequence and Salvation

Religion, Intolerance and Conflict: a Scientific and Conceptual Investigation

Religion, Tolerance and Intolerance: Views from Across the Disciplines

The Justification of Religious Violence

The Precautionary Principle and the Dual Use Dilemma