Why we should save the parent when medical resources are scarce

14 July 2020

With Moti Gorin (Colorado State University) on which patients we should treat, if we can’t treat them all. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought questions about how to allocate scarce medical resources to the forefront. In this Thinking Out Loud interview with Katrien Devolder, Philosopher Moti Gorin (Colorado State University) argues that parents (or primary caregivers) of a dependent child should (sometimes) get priority. A controversial position that nevertheless has some intuitive appeal!



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Thinking Out Loud provides a series of videos and audio-podcasts produced by Katrien Devolder in which she talks to leading philosophers from around the world on topics related to practical ethics. The podcast and videos are intended for a non-specialist audience.

Katrien is a Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics.

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Assoc. Professor Moti Gorin

Assoc. Professor Moti Gorin, Colorado State University; 
Director of Jann Benson Ethics Centre


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