Practical Ethics and Responsibility Competition 2023

Practical Ethics and Responsibility competition 2023

We invited school teams from around the world from Years 11-13 (or the international equivalent) to take part in our fourth Practical Ethics and Responsibility video competition, by sending us videos about an ethical problem and how the teams think responsibility is involved. We received some outstanding entries, and as in previous years our judges found selecting just four to go on to the final a difficult job. However, we are now delighted to be able to share the winning videos with you, from the superb teams at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, Oxford International College, St Ambrose College and The Tiffin Girls' School, as well as eighteen excellent Highly Commended entries. All these videos can be found below, and on our Practical Ethics YouTube Channel.

We would like to congratulate all the teams who took part, demonstrating why an understanding of ethics is such an important aspect of navigating the modern world. 

The Schools Day: March 21st 2023

The four finalists went on to compete against each other in our Practical Ethics and Responsibility Schools' Day held in March 2023, where they took part in competition presentations and debates, had opportunities to discuss ethics with our researchers, and visit the Bodleian library's Treasury exhibition. 

The teams battled it out through rounds of debate, and as with the videos, it was very difficult to select the winners. The final results were as follows:

1st Altrincham Grammar School for Girls: Aniqah Hanif, Anny Xiao, Srihita Kanala and Neha Garikipati
2nd Oxford International College: Caelyn Boey, Phui Keh Yam and Weiru Soh
3rd St Ambrose College:  Chiagoziem Nneke, Mitul Edger, Kevin Akusssah, Siyuan Lu and Dylan Manuel 
4th The Tiffin Girls' School: Mowon Yoon, Ishani Dhamdhere, Aania Vorani and Anjali Narayanan

All four teams were exceptional, and we congratulate them all.

The four teams taking part in the PERC 2023 competition final


If you are interested in participating in the video competition next year please keep an eye on our website or join our mailing list. Please note that the Practical Ethics and Responsibility Schools' Day event is not open to members of the public.


2023 videos: finalists and Highly Commended

Altrincham Grammar School for Girls: Is it morally responsible for parents to modify their offspring's DNA? 

Oxford International College: Responsible robotics: Who is responsible for the decisions autonomous vehicles make? 

St Ambrose College: Do doctors have the responsibility to reject a DNACPR request? 

The Tiffin Girls' School: We have a responsibility to give people the best quality of life possible through gene editing.

Auguste-Viktoria-Gymnasium: Decisions and AI


Harrow School: Is it the Responsibility of the State to Reform Prisoners?


Leicester High School


Nower Hill High School: Should mental health disorder be a factor in prioritising patients for organ transplants?


Varndean College Brighton: Are we responsible to genetically modifying a baby to reduce chances of genetic disorders ?


Cheltenham Ladies’ College: Does responsibility fall on the Doctor, Parent or Law when it comes to Genetic Modification?


Cheltenham Ladies’ College: Ethical dilemma of de-extinction 


Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship: Can we be responsible for our unconscious biases, such as unconscious racism? 


Herschel Grammar school: Is social media responsible for the misinterpretation of feminism?


Herschel Grammar school: Is it ethically acceptable for NHS workers to go on strike?


North London Collegiate School Jeju: Ethics and Responsibility Discussion on Synthetic Embryos


Oxford International College: Should America be held responsible for their interference in the Afghanistan war?


Radley College: What responsibility should the NHS have for individuals and their information?


St Ambrose College: Where does responsibility lie in the media?


St Mary's School Ascot: Are Older Patients prevented from taking responsibility for their own healthcare?


Stratford Girls' Grammar School: Should the NHS treat criminals?


The Indian Public School, CAIE, Erode: To what extent is animal testing ethically acceptable?


Westminster: Should individuals who knowingly gain benefits by providing untruthful personal information be held responsible for gaining such benefits?