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The Journal of Practical Ethics is an open access journal in moral and political philosophy (and related areas), published by the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, located at the University of Oxford.

Our vision is to build an open access journal that will bring the best work in philosophy to bear on pressing issues of public, political or interdisciplinary interest. We believe that the ideas and arguments of many moral and political philosophers are of significant relevance to problems in contemporary life. Not only are these arguments of interest to a wide general public, but they are of relevance to many other academics, political and social leaders. However, there is less than optimal penetration of this philosophical work. It will aim to disseminate excellent research in practical and applied ethics to a broad, global audience comprised of both academic and non-academic readers, with high impact.

Every issue of the Journal of Practical Ethics is available online, free of charge. It is an invitation only, blind-peer-reviewed journal. It is entirely open access online, and print copies may be ordered at cost price via a print-on-demand service. Authors and reviewers are offered an honorarium. The Journal aims to bring the best in academic moral and political philosophy, applied to practical matters, to a broader student or interested public audience. It seeks to promote informed, rational debate, and is not tied to any one particular viewpoint. The Journal will present a range of views and conclusions within the analytic philosophy tradition. It is funded through the generous support of the Uehiro Foundation in Ethics and Education.

Current Issue

A Journal of Philosophy, Applied to the Real World

Current Issue: Volume 5 Number 2. December 2017
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The Neglected Harms of Beauty: Beyond Engaging Individuals
Heather Widdows, Journal of Practical Ethics 5(2): 1-29

Why be Moral in a Virtual World?
John McMillan & Mike King, Journal of Practical Ethics 5(2): 30-48

Population and Having Children Now
Jan Narveson, Journal of Practical Ethics 5(2): 49-61

Is Sex With Robots Rape?
Romy Eskens, Journal of Practical Ethics 5(2): 62-76

Prostitution: You Can’t Have Your Cake and Sell It
Simon-Pierre Chevarie-Cossette, Journal of Practical Ethics 5(2): 77-84

The Ethics of Political Bots: Should We Allow Them For Personal Use?
Jonas Haeg, Journal of Practical Ethics 5(2): 85-104

What Makes Discrimination Wrong?
Paul de Font-Reaulx, Journal of Practical Ethics 5(2): 105-113

The Ethical Dilemma of Youth Politics
Andreas Masvie, Journal of Practical Ethics 5(2): 114-121

Past Issues

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  • Structural Injustice and the Place of Attachment, Lea Ypi Journal of Practical Ethics 5(1): 1-21
  • Accepting Collective Responsibility for the Future, Stephen M. Gardiner Journal of Practical Ethics 5(1): 22-52
  • The Death Penalty Debate: Four Problems and New Philosophical Perspectives, Masaki Ichinose Journal of Practical Ethics 5(1): 53-80

Journal of Practical Ethics 4(2), December 2016

  • The Greatest Vice?, Hugh LaFollette, pp 1-24
  • Ignorance, Humility and Vice, Cecile Fabre, pp 25-30
  • Humanity’s Collective Ownership of the Earth and Immigration, Mathias Risse, pp 31-66
  • Twenty Questions, Peter Singer, pp 67-78
  • Necessity and Liability: On an Honour-Based Justification for Defensive Harming, Joseph Bowen, pp 79-93
  • Consistent Vegetarianism and the Suffering of Wild Animals, Thomas M. Sittler-Adamczewski, pp 94-102
  • Dilemmas of Political Correctness, Dan Moller, pp 1-22
  • Offsetting Class Privilege, Holly Lawford-Smith, pp 23-51
  • Unjust Wars Worth Fighting For, Victor Tadros, pp 52-78
  • The Economics of Morality, Dillon Bowen, pp 80-103
  • Going Viral: Vaccines, Free Speech, and the Harm Principle, Miles Unterreiner, pp 104-120
  • Less Blame, Less Crime? The Practical Implications of Moral Responsibility Skepticism, Neil Levy, pp 1-17
  • Common Morality, Human Rights, and Multiculturalism in Japanese and American Bioethics, Tom L. Beauchamp, pp 18-35
  • Editorial: Oxford Uehiro Prize in Practical Ethics Winning Essays, p 36
  • Should we Prohibit Breast Implants? Collective Moral Obligations in the Context of Harmful and Discriminatory Social Norms, Jessica Laimann, pp 37-60
  • How Should Vegans Live?, Xavier Cohen, pp 61-65
  • Cost Effectiveness Analysis and Fairness, F. M. Kamm, pp 1-14
  • The Elements of Well-Being, Brad Hooker, pp 15-35
  • Motives to Assist and Reasons to Assist: the Case of Global Poverty, Simon Keller, pp 37-63
  • How Theories of Well-Being Can Help Us Help, Valerie Tiberius, pp 1-19
  • What can we learn from happiness surveys?, Edward Skidelsky, pp 20-32
  • Indirect Discrimination Is Not Necessarily Unjust, Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, pp 33-57
  • Church-State Separation, Healthcare Policy, and Religious Liberty, Robert Audi, pp 1-23
  • Taking Humour (Ethics) Seriously, But Not Too Seriously, David Benatar, pp 24-43
  • Only X%: The Problem of Sex Equality, Janet Radcliffe-Richards, pp 44-67
  • Editorial: Introducing the Journal of Practical Ethics’ Podcast Series, Roger Crisp & Julian Savulescu, pp 1-2
  • The Morality of Reputation and the Judgment of Others, David S. Oderberg, pp 3-33
  • Moral Education in the Liberal State, Kyla Ebels-Duggan, pp 34-63
  • Motives and Markets in Health Care, Daniel Hausman, pp 64-84
  • Introducing the Journal of Practical Ethics, Roger Crisp & Julian Savulescu, pp 1-2
  • Associative Duties and the Ethics of Killing in War, Seth Lazar, pp 3-48
  • Biotechnology, Justice and Health, Ruth Faden & Madison Powers, pp 49-61
  • Situationism and Agency, Alfred R. Mele & Joshua Shepherd, pp 62-83
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