Our areas of Expertise

Members of the centre are available to provide ethics advice and consultancy for a wide variety of research projects and areas. This includes novel biotechnology, medicine, AI, professional ethics and other areas involving challenging or conflicting ethical considerations (see below for more examples). It could include one-off consultation, teaching, written ethical analysis, or commissioning of ethics research.

For Media, Consultancy & Policy enquiries please contact Liz Sanders.

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Medical and Bioethics

  • Cloning
  • Stem cell research
  • Genetics and genetic modification
  • Abortion
  • Controversial medical procedures
  • Synthetic biology

Ethics and human futures

  • Ethics of human modification and enhancement technologies
  • Nanotechnology policy
  • Human dignity
  • Global risks
  • Moral enhancement


  • Neuroenhancement and pharmacological interventions
  • The neuroscience of ethics and moral decision-making
  • The vegetative state and disorders of consciousness
  • Addiction, free will and self-control
  • Brain-machine interfaces