Professor Julian Savulescu

Journal Articles

  • Forever young? The ethics of ongoing puberty suppression for non-binary adults.

    Notini, L, Earp, BD, Gillam, L, McDougall, RJ, Savulescu, J, Telfer, M, Pang, KC
  • The Moral Self and Moral Duties

    Everett, JAC, Skorburg, JA, SAVULESCU, J
  • COVID-19 vaccine development: Time to consider SARS-CoV-2 challenge studies?

    Schaefer, GO, Tam, CC, Savulescu, J, Voo, TC
  • Equality or utility? Ethics and law of rationing ventilators.

    Savulescu, J, Cameron, J, Wilkinson, D
  • Utilitarianism and the pandemic.

    Savulescu, J, Persson, I, Wilkinson, D

    GIUBILINI, A, SAVULESCU, J, Wilkinson, D
  • Why lockdown of the elderly is not ageist and why levelling down equality is wrong.

    Savulescu, J, Cameron, J
  • An ethical algorithm for rationing life-sustaining treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Savulescu, J, Vergano, M, Craxì, L, Wilkinson, D
  • Beyond Money: Conscientious Objection in Medicine as a Conflict of Interests.

    Giubilini, A, Savulescu, J
  • Drugs, genes and screens: The ethics of preventing and treating spinal muscular atrophy.

    Gyngell, C, Stark, Z, Savulescu, J
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Books and Chapters

  • Ethics, Conflict and Medical Treatment for Children From Disagreement to Dissensus

    Wilkinson, D, Savulescu, J
  • The ethics of virtual reality and telepresence

    Maslen, H, Savulescu, J
  • Early Geoengineering Governance: The Oxford Principles

    Savulescu, J, Heyward, C, Rayner, S
    Edited by:
    Kaplan, D
  • Moral neuroenhancement

    Earp, BD, Douglas, T, Savulescu, J
  • The Ethics of Human Enhancement

    Edited by:
    Clarke, S, Savulescu, J, Coady, CAJ, Giubilini, A, Sanyal, S
  • Understanding Procreative Beneficence

    Savulescu, J, Kahane, G
  • Enhancing Conservatism

    Savulescu, J, Roache, R
    Edited by:
    Savulescu, J, Clarke, S, Coady, AJ, Giubilini, A, Sanyal, S
  • Partiality for Humanity and Enhancement

    Savulescu, J, Pugh, J, Kahane, G
    Edited by:
    Clarke, S, Savulescu, J, Coady, AJ, Giubilini, A, Sanyal, S
  • Lay Attitudes to Withdrawal of Treatment in Disorders of Consciousness and Their Normative Significance

    Savulescu, J, Kahane, G, Gipson, J
    Edited by:
    Sinnott-Armstrong, W
  • Why less praise for enhanced performance? Moving beyond responsibility-shifting, authenticity, and cheating to a nature of activities approach (IN PRESS)

    Santoni de Sio, F, Faber, NS, Savulescu, J, Vincent, NA
    Edited by:
    Jotterand, F, Dubljevic, V
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